Spitfire Translations translates for print, television, and film.

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For film publisher The Criterion Collection, I have translated critical essays on films by directors Victor Erice, Felipe Cazals, Luis García Berlanga, Ingmar Bergman, Alfonso Cuarón, and Juan Bustillo Oro.

For Cry Havoc Productions, I have translated and transcribed dozens of highly technical interviews with people who design and build some of the fastest machines on the planet — Supercars.

Literary translation is a longtime passion. I’ve worked on children’s books, dystopian novels, and many stops in between.


For Italian culture portal and print magazine Lampoon, I have translated articles on perfumes, contemporary art, bookstores, and more.

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For The Shape of Pasta on the streaming platform Quibi, I provided subtitles for an episode on an ancient form of pasta from the Tuscan town of Pontremoli, testaroli.

Contact me to put my unique translation skill set to work for your project.

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